The ‘2nd Unusual Marathon’ will take place in Sarajevo tomorrow morning.

The race is set to start at 10:00 hrs at the Center for Education, Sports and Recreation ‘Safet Zajko’ athletic track. Runners will take part in the marathon (42,195m), or in a relay race.

Along with the association ‘JA-RUN’, the informal group of runners called ‘Decki u plavom’ (‘Boys in Blue’) is the organizer of the marathon which is called unusual because of an interesting way relay teams have been formed.

The lottery was organized to assign participants to one of the two types of relay teams, the first one consisting of two women and one man (‘Two Beauties and the Beast’) and the second one consisting of one woman and two men (‘One Girl, Two Cops’).

1st Unusual Marathon 1

The course has three sections: the first one from the Center for Education, Sports and Recreation ‘Safet Zajko’ to Dariva (14,000m); the second one from Dariva to the beginning of the Grand Alley in Ilidza (13,880m); and the third one, from the Grand Alley to the ‘Safet Zajko’ Center (14,315m).

Each 17th runner that finishes the race will be awarded. The runners will receive plaques and gifts from sponsors, as the organizers have decided to invest the money for awards into providing five young talented athletes with training equipment.

Organizers promised wild fun, hilarious race, snow, fog, ice and optimum ‘working’ temperature of around -7 degrees Celsius, as well as an after party with a DJ, a barbecue, juices, non-alcoholic beer and fruits.

Police will regulate the traffic during the race and, if necessary, traffic will be slowed down - but there will be no suspension of traffic along the course of the race.

2nd Unusual Marathon Sarajevo