‘Jazz Fest Sarajevo’ organizes ‘Grlom u Jagode 2020’ concert season, which includes performances of a number of international, regional and local artists at the ‘Klub 1’, 25 Branilaca Sarajeva Street.

American band ‘Innertextures’, led by Slovenian saxophonist Igor Lumpert, is scheduled to perform tonight at 20:00 hrs.

Lumpert, an extraordinary band leader and author who has been successfully working in New York for many years, has never played in Sarajevo before. By contrast, he will be accompanied by Kenny Grohowski, American jazz drummer who has so far performed three times with three different bands at the ‘Jazz Fest Sarajevo’. ‘Innertextures’ also include saxophonist Greg Ward and double bassist Masa Kamaguchi.

Igor Lumpert Quartet 1

Mostar-based rock band ‘Kristofor’ - often described as the ‘new Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rock sensation’ - will hold a concert in March.

Tickets for those concerts are available at the ‘Jazz Fest Sarajevo’ premises, and in the ‘Klub 1’ two hours before the concert. Ticket prices are set at BAM 15.