A group of photojournalists from Sarajevo have teamed up with the charity organization ‘Pomozi.ba’ to organize an exhibition of photos, the proceeds from which will go to charity. 

The exhibition will be on display in the premises of the Center for Culture and Youth of the Centar Sarajevo Municipality, 1 Jelica Street, as of Wednesday, February 12, at 19:00 hrs.

Some of the best photos taken by Dzenan Krijestorac, Davorin Sekulic, Nedim Grabovica, Haris Memija, Didier Torche, Damir Cumurovic, Berjamin Nizic, Admir Kuburovic, Kemal Softic, Fuad Foco, Ivan Sebalj, Samir Saletovic, Tarik Saletovic, Amer Kajmovic, Elvis Barukcic, Harun Muminovic, Fedja Krvavac, Edin Hadzihasic, Armin Durgut, Jasmin Brutus, and Midhat Poturovic, will be put up for sale.

All the money collected during the exhibition will be paid to the bank account of Pomozi.ba, and used to provide financial assistance to persons suffering from serious diseases.