For those who still do not know how to spend the upcoming weekend, here are some ideas.

This Saturday, March 7, runners will take part in the ‘Walter Trail’ at the location of the Nature Preserve Skakavac near Sarajevo. The 16-kilometer trail is circular, with 710 meter-altitude difference.

Valter Trail Skakavac

The race is dedicated to Kathrine Switzer, an American marathon runner and the first woman to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entrant, as well as to all the brave women who tear down prejudice and welcome everyone, regardless of gender.

Skiers and snowboarders can take part in the ‘Red Bull Home Run’, a massive downhill race which will be organized on the Mountain Jahorina on Saturday.

Those wishing to participate have to register at the Red Bull Tent by 14:00 hrs on Saturday. The race is open for amateurs and enthusiasts, regardless of gender; participants have to be 16 or older, while underage persons will need to have a written permission signed by one of parents or legal guardians.   

Red Bull Home Run 2

Sponsors of the race have secured a number of prizes, which will be awarded to amateurs only. Professional skiers and snowboarders can participate in the race as guests, but they cannot compete for prizes.

The ‘Red Bull Home Run’ is scheduled to start at 16:00 hrs at the Poljice course.

Organizers reminded that any kind of intentional physical contact during the race will result in disqualification, and those who do not stay within the boundaries of the race course will also be disqualified.

Red Bull Home Run Jahorina