The city of Banja Luka will host the 3rd annual literature festival 'Imperativ'. The festival will gather authors and readers from the entire region. Visitors will be able to enjoy book promotions, conversations with authors and much more. They will have the opportunity to buy books published by regional publishers at the festival book fair as well.

Mission of the festival is to create a platform for dialogue among authors and their interaction with readers. It also has the goal to promote a better status of authors in the society and promote local and regional literature scene. The festival will take place from July 15 to July 20, 2020, with most events taking place at 'Banski dvor' culture center.

Tickets for all events are free, and they can be collected at the box office of 'Banski dvor' starting on July 7. Due to efforts to prevent spreading of COVID-19, all visitors will be required to wear face masks and disinfect hands and shoes before entering the venues.