The ‘Broadway Across Borders' project will steam an online retention of the musical 'Spring Awakening' between October 23 and October 25.

The idea for this international project was born as a direct response to the global pandemic. Unable to safely create in-person performing arts, Broadway Across Borders wanted to figure out a way for artists from around the world to safely connect, create art and share their talents and culture. The brilliant and inspiring musical Spring Awakening seemed like the perfect vehicle to do that.

The project includes performers from Poland, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Director Aaron Thielen didn’t want this to be a traditional “zoom” presentation of the show. He rehearsed the scenes online with the actors just as you would in a regular rehearsal process, but then they would talk through the specific staging, the type location, what they should wear, the time of day, explain the multiple takes needed and from what various camera angles and any extra footage needed for the final edit. For the songs, they would lip sync to their own audio recordings that they created with the Music Director Ryan T. Nelson.

The production is designed like a 13-character multi-verse where each of them is telling the story of Spring Awakening in the places where they live and with their own local company.

Registration for free password to watch the stream is available here.