It was established by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1946. The doors of the gallery were first opened to the public in 1959, with a permanent exhibition.

Today’s collection of the Gallery consists of more than 6,000 art pieces that were divided into several sub-collections. The Gallery has a Documentation and Library Department that is used mostly for research within the Gallery. The Gallery also includes restoration, carpentry and gilder’s workshops, as well as a Pedagogical Department and photo-library.

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The National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina organizes permanent and temporary exhibitions frequently and cooperates often with related institutions in the country and the region. Various educational programs and organized professional tours, as well as children’s workshops are offered.

Every month a new temporary exhibition is featured in the Gallery, mostly focusing on the artists hailing from BiH or the region. Many of those are consisted of art pieces that are in the collection of the Gallery itself.

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Currently, the permanent exhibition that is featured in the Gallery is titled ‘Oprostorena Intima’ (‘Intimacies of Space’). It is divided into four sections, portraying the different spaces that inspire artists. Those are the atelier, interior, garden and glance through the window. Every piece of art originates from the intimate need of an artist, and the inspiration may originate from nature, still life, the view from the window or in the mirror.

‘Intimacies of Space’ is an exploration of the artwork that represent the artist’s living and workspace, the garden or a window. The exhibited pieces show the moments in the artist’s immediate surroundings that were recorded. The stylistic period and technique were not crucial for this exhibition, but the intimate moment.

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All of the displayed works originate from the collection of the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Some works belong among the most representative pieces of some artists, while others have never been exhibited. Artists like Safet Zec, Vlaho Bukovac, Gabrijel Jurkic, Emira Turnadzic and Mica Todorovic are represented in this collection.

The National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the Zelenih Beretki Street 8. The Gallery is open from Monday to Saturday from 1000 to 2000 hrs. Entrance fee is set at BAM five. Guided tours need to be organized in advance.

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