Red Bull Dance Your Style is a battle concept where the emphasis is on bringing people together in a celebration of dance, music and performance, and on recreating the social, party atmosphere and vibe that all the street-dance styles were derived from.

The competition itself is a mixed, all-style solo (one-on-one) battle, in which dancers from any street style discipline can enter.

This open entry, all-styles format means that each battle is an exchange of the diverse and different number of styles that exist in street dance. Audiences get to see breaking, hip-hop, popping, house, locking and other street-dance styles, as the dancers go head-to-head against one another, just like at parties back in the day.

When it comes to the music that the dancers will battle to, the DJs spin well-known commercial tracks for each round, randomly selecting different genres to test the dancer’s ability to perform and adapt their dance styles to the rhythm of the beat.

This means that competitors have to be ready to get down to anything from funk to pop music, rap to garage, old-school classics to recent chart hits and other genres of popular music.

The crowd also plays an important role in the outcome of each battle. Red Bull Dance Your Style doesn't have a panel of dancers judging and voting for a winner, unlike most street dance competitions. Instead, the winner of each battle is decided on a crowd vote.

In 2019, Red Bull Dance Your Style will have more than 50 events in over 30 countries and will hold a World Final in Paris on October 12, where all the winners come together to crown the first-ever Red Bull Dance Your Style World Champion.

The competition at ‘Zetra’ hall will be a joint event of the Red Bull Dance Your Style and Brown Sugar RnB Special Edition.

Entry fees are BAM five (early birds) and BAM 10. Tickets can be purchased via and at Skenderija hall in Sarajevo.