The opening ceremony held on Sunday, April 7 was led by Director of the RS Secretariat for Religions Dragan Davidovic, who stressed that opening of the museum is part of marking of 800 years of independence of the Serb Orthodox Church. Davidovic stressed the museum represents the Serb people’s past and future in Herzegovina.

Prior of the monastery Danilo noted the monastery was restored spiritually and that the monastery got back its cultural heritage after being away for 27 years. Danilo stressed importance of opening of the museum for Mostar and whole of BiH, explaining that the museum will have on display some 50 icons from 16th to 18th century and six very rare book, of which five are manuscripts, the oldest one being ‘Minej za septembar’ from the 14th century.

The monastery was built in 1566, the same year as the Mostar’s Old Bridge, and was reconstructed in 2005. It has been declared national monument of BiH.