Concept of the viral social experience of escape room games has become very popular in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially its capital city Sarajevo, over the past couple of years. The phenomenon has turned into an integral part of an expansive network of this fun, all-year-round activity intended for enjoying and spending quality time with friends and family. 

Enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina and worldwide have recognized the escape room game as a great team-building activity for enhancing the social relations and positive atmosphere at workplace. What is so special about the escape room is that it is not an ordinary game played on an electronic device, but instead it represents a real-life adventure game full of challenges, suspense and pleasure throughout the whole experience.

What exactly is an escape room? Actually, format of the escape room depends on each individual escape room provider, but the basic principle involves a real room with a group of players looking for a series of clues, riddles, and other items and elements around them that would enable putting the missing pieces together in a coherent order, in a quest to complete a puzzle-like mission and find their way out of the room within a set time limit. The escape room is a unique chance to experience what it is like to investigate a mystery or simply carry out some other complex task that demands a high level of concentration and skills in order to achieve a defined goal. It tests out along with activating additional development of cognitive abilities, and ultimately results in an intense, adrenalin-fueled experience.

Unlike the outdoor extreme sports or activities, the escape room brings a new dimension to the adrenaline rush in an indoor setting through stimulating all senses and brain activity, while requiring synergy of the minds of all participants. The players basically embark on a rollercoaster of intensive emotions that keep emerging as they attempt to eliminate all hypothetical risks, overcome obstacles, experience temporary setbacks in case of moving in a wrong direction, or accomplishment upon learning that they are on the right track. The emotions tend to build up in a positive manner as participants progress towards a victorious escape from the room, trying to achieve that before running out of time.

All of the escape room games in Sarajevo are available in English, which means the games are not intended only for speakers of the official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, but rather for anyone staying or visiting this city. It is important to note that the escape rooms are not physically locked, and in case of severe claustrophobia or any other possible reasons, the players can leave the game anytime they choose to, although the games are usually located in spacious rooms that do not tend to trigger a claustrophobic reaction.

‘Fox in a Box’, one of the leading real-life escape franchises in the world, opened the doors to its escape rooms in Sarajevo in 2016. Sarajevo-based escape room provider ‘Fox in a Box’ hence made the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina a part of a global network stretching across four continents with over 30 locations. ‘Fox in a Box’ escape rooms are located in the Sime Milutinovica 15/I Street, near the hotel ‘Evropa’. There is an option to book a portable version of the game ‘The Final Exam’ on demand, as well, and this version is also adjusted for larger groups of players and can be installed at one’s own premises, hotels, and similar facilities.

Fox in a Box Sarajevo 2

At the moment, there are two escape rooms at the location of the provider - ‘Mr. Fox’s Secret Study’ and ‘The Bank Job’. Specifically, ‘Mr. Fox’s Secret Study’ represents a game in which the players are in a role of recruits of Mr. Fox, fictional character of a head of secret service, and they are required to pass the final test to become a secret agent. On the other hand, ‘The Bank Job’ puts the players into an opposite position, where they turn against Mr. Fox as a group of well-informed thieves and sneak into an office of (fictional) Central Bank general manager to steal a stash of diamonds that is hidden in his office.

Fox in a Box Sarajevo 5

Speaking for, manager of ‘Fox in a Box’ in Sarajevo Admir Avdic pointed out that, due to adrenaline experienced in the character of outlaws who could either achieve success in getting their hands on the diamonds or face jail, ‘The Bank Job’ was somewhat more challenging that ‘Mr. Fox’s Secret Study’, “and perhaps even a little bit more exciting for the same reason”. Avdic stated that Sarajevo was one of the 32 cities with a prestigious license for ‘Fox in a Box’, and in that way it is a part of a network together with large cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, Madrid, and Vienna. “‘Fox in a Box’ started operating in Sarajevo in late 2016, and since then we have been recording constant increase in games, which we are extremely proud of. The idea primarily came out of the love for this kind of entertainment, but also from a desire to enrich the heart of Sarajevo with one of the world-renowned room escape centers, where all citizens as well as numerous tourists would be entertained in an extraordinary way”, Avdic specified. He confirmed that the final preparations for opening an exciting new escape room called ‘The Bunker’ are near completion, referring to it as “certainly one of the best games in ‘Fox in a Box’ production”.

‘Fox in a Box’ escape rooms can be booked online.

‘Key Room Escape’ introduced its offer of escape room games in Sarajevo at the beginning of 2018, and since then it has marked success, operating as an escape room game provider with Bosnia and Herzegovina as a country of its origin. Therefore, this escape room provider has taken on a challenge to develop new games and to design the escape rooms independently. ‘Key Room Escape’ room venue is located at the Terezije bb Street, in the center Skenderija.

Escape rooms currently available at the location of this provider are ‘The Haunted Doll House’, ‘Murder in a Garage’, and ‘Virus’. ‘The Haunted Doll House’ is the first horror room in Sarajevo, where the players’ task is to investigate disappearance of a little girl from her bedroom. ‘Murder in a Garage’ is a game in which the players find themselves in the role of detectives trying to solve the case of a murder of a car mechanic. The third game ‘Virus’ has been the latest addition to the ‘Key Room Escape’ offer, and it brings out a superhero in the players, whose goal is to save the world from a deadly virus that threatens to destroy humanity.

Key Room Escape

‘Key Room Escape’ issued a statement for explaining that, given that their rooms were opened just around the time when room escape experience was gaining momentum in this area, the beginnings of their operation “were largely based on explanations that it is a real, physical game, without the use of computers, which may have appeared unimaginable to a number of people at first”. The statement reads that the idea for opening ‘Key Room Escape’ came out of love for this type of game after its founders visited a large number of escape rooms across Europe. The main goal was to contribute to a wider range of escape room games in this city and help in making the idea of playing a real-life adventure game even more popular. As far as the complexity of the games goes, ‘The Haunted Doll House’ was the first escape room that ‘Key Room Escape’ designed, and despite being the simplest in terms of riddles, it remains the most popular out of this provider’s three current ones thanks to special effects that create a convincingly chilling atmosphere. The plan is to continue developing and opening new room escape games in the future, to provide everyone interested in these games with new challenges.

For detailed information on how to book the ‘Key Room Escape’ games, visit the official website.

The escape rooms are perhaps one of the most attractive indoor group entertainment activities nowadays. They have been shaped into a perfect combination of virtual reality, real-life experience of different situations and roles, and adventure puzzles. It is possible to recognize historic links of its elements with the 1990s’ popular adventure puzzle video games, interactive theater, scavenger hunts, and even elements that go back to the ancient labyrinth in Greek mythology. In popular culture, escape room games are played and mentioned in a variety of television shows, most notably the American television sitcoms ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and ‘The Middle’. The phenomenon of the escape rooms has risen in popular culture, due to an immersive manner in which it stimulates creativity and awakens human curiosity, drawing out the impulses to overcome the obstacles and tackle all the challenges along the way.

In case you want to spend some exciting, quality indoor time together with your team in Sarajevo, escape room games are certainly a one-of-a-kind way to do so. All you have to do is to put together a team of friends, family, or coworkers, book a game of your choice, and let the creative thinking and problem-solving process take over.