By encouraging cooperation and fostering local partnerships both between private and public sectors, and between sectors of agriculture and tourism, EU ProLocal has achieved significant results to enhance tourism offer of the Blidinje Nature Park”, said Karin Hörhan, EU ProLocal Program Manager.

EU ProLocal launched a concept of ‘green tourism’ encouraging local production and environment protection, and supported a number of successful initiatives for its implementation. These initiatives include a specially developed reusable waste bag, and a specially designed initiative for creating the basket of typical locally produced and grown products.

Blidinje ProLocal 2

Blidinje ProLocal 4

The project also improved the joint promotion of the tourist potential of this region. “By improving the offer of this natural park we want to complement tourism offer in Herzegovina, thus making a strong impact on the overall tourism development in BiH”, said Hörhan.

Head of Economic Development, Infrastructure and Natural Resources Section at the EU Delegation to BiH Andrea Vera underlined that the EU has continuously supported development of tourism as one of the fastest growing sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tourism in BiH has a very big potential that has not yet been reached. Thus, through EU ProLocal, we support promotion of the country’s tourist potentials, strengthening the role of small and medium companies and local producers, development of competitiveness and, most importantly, creation of new jobs”, said Vera.

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EU ProLocal supports local self-government and economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is funded by the European Union with EUR nine million and the Government of Germany with EUR four million.