Euromonitor concluded that Bosnia and Herzegovina is likely to continue developing above the average for European destinations, while the country’s travel industry is “set for continued growth”.

The analysis mentioned “soaring interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a destination from one of the fastest-developing source markets globally, Middle East and Africa” as the main trend to look out for in the future.

Other trends to look out for, according to Euromonitor, include potential saturation in the short-term rentals category, continued improvements in transportation infrastructure, and cross-border cooperation with travel representatives from well-developed tourist destinations such as the Croatian and Montenegrin coast, the Tara River, Mokra Gora and Plitvice Lakes.

The analysis reads - among other things - that the travel industry in Bosnia-Herzegovina soared, primarily driven by strong increases in inbound arrivals.

Online sales in travel are still smaller relative to offline ones across different categories in 2018, but are consistently growing faster and are likely to overtake offline sales in some categories in the near future. Key players in the online realm are travel intermediaries, which have set the foundations and continue to facilitate growth in online sales in the travel industry”, reads the analysis.

During 2018 a reconstructed gondola ride was launched from downtown Sarajevo to Trebevic Mountain, a popular attraction destroyed during the 1990s war, now standing as a symbol of peace and with the potential to become the largest-grossing attraction in the country”, Euromonitor analysis concluded.

Sarajevo Trebevic gondola