This national campaign is a part of broader, regional fur-free campaign of South-East Europe ‘Fur Free Forever’.

The event, which was held at the shopping center ‘Alta’, was carried out in cooperation with Serbian fashion and high-quality fake fur designer company ‘P.S. Fashion’, with the support of the animal rights organization PETA Germany.

World Animal Day BiH 6

World Animal Day BiH 5

The activities organized at ‘Alta’ featured a variety of multimedia contents, including a unique 3D experience using Virtual Reality (VR) Headset, while an anti-fur campaign video continuously streamed on the large video surface of the shopping center throughout the day. Use of the VR Headset provided the citizens with an opportunity to gain an insight into how fur industry functions through PETA’s short yet striking video ‘Fur in 60 Seconds’.

World Animal Day BiH 7

Citizens were also able to take a VR peek into the poor conditions in which animals are held in captivity at some of Europe’s fur farms. Activists distributed educational leaflets containing basic facts and data on the effects that the fur industry has on the welfare of animals and humans, along with the environmental pollution caused by fur farms.

In a statement for, PETA Coordinator for Eastern Europe Andrzej Pazgan explained that PETA had been supporting the campaign for fur farming ban in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2016.

“With farms about to close down in other countries like the Netherlands or Norway, the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has to make sure that the country will be protected from offshored farm pollution. By doing so, it will not only conserve its beautiful nature but also pursue the highest international animal protection standards”, Pazgan said.

Representative of the Anti-Fur Coalition of Bosnia and Herzegovina Maida Sabeta, campaigner for PETA Germany, emphasized that PETA Germany operated in Eastern Europe to support local groups to achieve their goals that are important on a global scale.

PETA campaigner Maida Sabeta

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is at the center of this support since 2016, when the international fur lobby started their attempts to delete the existing fur farming ban. The Anti-Fur Coalition of Bosnia and Herzegovina couldn’t fight this battle without PETA as the largest animal rights organization in the world”, Sabeta added.

Namely, the fur-free efforts in Bosnia-Herzegovina suffered a major setback when the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina decided to postpone implementation of previously adopted fur farming ban until 2028. However, since then, the country’s animal welfare activists have further intensified the calls and activities so that a national fur farming ban could finally see the light of day.

President of ‘EVA’ Lejla Sadinlija explained that around 9,000 chinchillas and around 6,000 ferrets are brutally killed each year in Bosnia and Herzegovina, pointing out that only a legal ban on fur farming can provide a long-term improvement of the position of animals. She specified that, by postponing the ban implementation, the parliament enabled 73 active fur farms to continue operating.

EVA President Lejla Sadinlija

The World Animal Day is a global social movement that has brought together animal welfare organizations from around the world in order to make world a better place for all animals by improving their status and protection. Each year, the fur industry claims the lives of millions of ferrets, foxes, raccoon dogs, chinchillas, but also cats and dogs in some parts of the world just so their fur can be turned into coats, boots, hats and other accessories.

PETA has warned that animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to cramped, filthy wire cages, and fur farmers use the cheapest and cruelest killing methods available, including suffocation, electrocution, gas, and poison. On the other hand, the trend of outlawing the fur farms has been growing and even famous fashion brands, including Versace and Gucci, are giving up on the use of real fur.

Fox 2

At that respect, organizations within the ‘Fur Free Forever’ movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina and South-East Europe have announced that a series of anti-fur activities will be undertaken until the last fur farm is closed and animals’ lives are no longer sacrificed for the sake of people’s desire for superficial luxury.