By Ana Buljan

The Museum of Literature and Performing Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the institution where significant literature and theatre material is preserved and exhibited. The museum hosts literary and cultural events, small theatre plays and operates as an independent publisher.

The museum was founded in 1961 as a Museum of Literature, and transformed into the Museum of Literary and Performing Arts in 1977. Writer and former curator in the Museum of Sarajevo Razija Handzic proposed the formation of the museum back in 1955, and she was the first person appointed as museum’s director.

The literary and theatre material displayed in the museum is grouped by significant authors, theatre actors, opera and ballet champions, directors, set and costume designers, as well as theatre houses throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Custodians, exhibition curators and other experts working in the museum take care of the archives and exhibits - including personal correspondence, photographs, personal documents, manuscripts, programs, posters, production and costume sketches, paintings, pamphlets, articles, magazines, and books - and prepare material for public presentations and themed exhibitions.

The museum is located in the Sime Milutinovica Sarajlije 7 Street in an old, mid-19 century house that is under protection of the state.

The house was adapted to the needs of the museum and, in 1992, the Art Gallery Mak was opened in the ground floor. The gallery has significantly enriched the activities of the museum, and provided an additional treat for visitors. It also organizes book promotions.

The Museum is open Monday through Friday between 0800 and 1900 hrs, and on Saturdays between 1200 and 2000 hrs.