Four-day event ‘B-Hard Ultra Race & Brevet’ started on Friday morning in Banja Luka.

The race, organized under the auspices of the Citizens’ Association ‘Center for Better Quality of Life’ and with the support of the Banja Luka City Administration, will take place on a 1,036 kilometers-long cycling route with 14,000 meters elevation gain.

According to event’s official web-site, the route has been carefully crafted to present Bosnia and Herzegovina’s natural and historic beauties, and is passing through national parks, along rivers, lakes and waterfalls, through ski-centers and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Checkpoints are pretty evenly and logically dispersed on the route, and are located at km 68 (Mrakovica), km 194 (Jajce), km 258 (Kupres), km 374 (Ljubuski), km 489 (Trebinje), km 594 (Tjentiste), km 692 (Visegrad), km 808 (Mt. Jahorina), and km 937 (Mt. Vlasic).

The main goal of the project is to set up both unsupported and fully supported multi-day cycling tours as an official tourism offer of Banja Luka, the host city, with the pinnacle being an annual and very challenging self-supported ultra-cycling race with just 75 hours allocated for competitors to successfully complete the course”, organizers explained.

The Department for Culture, Tourism and Social Policy with the Banja Luka City Administration stated that the event would also include one-day 258 kilometer-long ride, as well as the first organized, 80 kilometer-long group race for women.