One of the best-known motivational speakers in the world, Melbourne-born Nick Vujicic, will arrive in Bosnia and Herzegovina in October 2019.

Born with tetra-amelia syndrome, an extremely rare disorder characterized by the absence of arms and legs, Vujicic has dedicated his life to encouraging other people by giving speeches revolving around his life story.

After moving from Brisbane, Australia, to Los Angeles, Vujicic founded an international non-profit organization and ministry ‘Life Without Limbs’. Two years later, in 2007, Vujicic founded ‘Attitude is Altitude’, a secular motivational speaking company.

Since his first motivational speaking engagement almost two decades ago, Vujicic has traveled to almost 60 countries, sharing his story with over 400 million people. His books have been translated into over 30 different languages and have sold more than a million copies internationally.

Vujicic is expected to visit Sarajevo, Mostar and Banja Luka. The exact date of his visit is yet to be announced.