The ski center ‘Ravna Planina’, a mountain resort area located in Gornje Pale - around 20 kilometers away from Sarajevo - has stepped up its zipline game by expanding the ziplining offer as of this summer. All thrill-seekers who visit ‘Ravna Planina’ can now enjoy two ziplines that combine adrenaline-pumping experience with the enjoyment in gorgeous views of the natural mountainous surroundings.

Ziplining: Feel the adrenaline while enjoying nature around Sarajevo

In the last couple of years, ‘Ravna Planina’ has provided local residents and tourists - those seeking to experience a wild yet safe ride along a zip-wire that does not demand special fitness levels or prior training - with an opportunity to feel the freedom of letting go and enjoying a fast-paced ride on an approximately 300-meter-long zipline, 25 meters above the ground. Within a continuous work on improving the tourist offer both for the summer and the winter, the resort has introduced its second zipline, which is located in what is commonly perceived as the most attractive part of this mountain resort.

Zip line Ravna Planina 4

While the original zipline provides its riders with a unique chance to look up towards the mountain and hills and enjoy the captivating scenery they can see above themselves, the new zipline allows them to look down from the top, since it is actually located at the highest point of the resort. This zipline can be easily reached through a modern gondola lift. For those preferring a more active lifestyle, a short hike to the top of the resort will take you directly to the new zipline area surrounded by a mesmerizing artificial lake, with a stunning view from up above and towards the pathways leading to a nearby forest.

The center issued a statement to, which reads that “the new zipline is perhaps even more attractive than the first one, because the ride passes over a lake”. According to the statement, this zipline is approximately of the same length as the first one, some 300 meters, nevertheless it reaches the height of 50 meters above the ground. The center confirmed that the price of ziplining at ‘Ravna Planina’ is BAM 5 per ride.

According to earlier announcements, this center also plans to keep including new contents such as installing of a much longer zipline that is expected to reach 1,450 meters of length, with a fast-moving ride of an average speed of 45 km/h.

Zip line Ravna Planina 2

Modern ziplining represents an amusement activity where a steel cable, a zip-wire, stretches down a long slope, with a pulley attached to it and a handlebar, seat or harness below the pulley. It functions in a way that a zipline rider is propelled and pulled by the gravity along the zip-wire, travelling down with an accelerating speed that contributes to the excitement factor of the whole journey.

Ziplines set in the beautiful natural scenery around the city have lately been attracting more and more extreme sport lovers, along with practically anyone wanting to gain new adventurous experiences outside the crowded city sites. For more information, feel free to check out our comprehensive guide to the ziplining experience around Sarajevo.