By: Ajla Omerhodzic

The Sarajevo-based escape room provider ‘Fox in a Box’, one of the leading real-life escape room franchises in the world, has introduced an exciting new escape room game entitled ‘The Bunker’ into its offer and thus contributed to the growing network of this type of game in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Escape Room as thrilling real-life adventure game grows popular in Sarajevo

Recognized as a high-quality team-building activity to enhance social relations and positive atmosphere among work colleagues, as well as a thrilling adrenaline experience for any group of people, ‘The Bunker’ has been brought to Sarajevo as a result of a dedicated and continuous work on developing and improving the real-life adventure games that challenge the mind. As a matter of fact, these games dive deep into all parts of the memory of the brain, required for overcoming the challenging tasks, finding the way out of the situation, and accomplishing a specific mission.

The Bunker 1

‘The Bunker’ brings the best of both the game world and the world of real adventure through enviable digital technology combined with traditional maps and other equipment. The game is available in English language. It is set in the early 1980s, at the peak of the Cold War. According to the game plot, a nuclear launch sequence has been initiated by accident, threatening to cause a nuclear catastrophe and result in destruction of the world. Mr. Fox, a fictional head of a secret service from the ‘Fox in a Box’ series, has been discovered to be working as a double agent who is nowhere to be found, just about the time when the keys to the launch of Soviet nuclear warheads disappeared. However, the nuclear launch sequence was initiated from a secret location, the location of Mr. Fox’s secret bunker. The mission of the game players representing a team of special agents is to stop the launch at any cost, locate the secret bunker’s control room, the control briefcase, and the launch keys, to ultimately deactivate launch of the missiles and heroically prevent the end of the world.

The game is limited to 60 minutes, within which the team should solve a series of amusing, witty and suspenseful - but by no means nerve-racking - riddles and puzzles, using and connecting the elements of the room to find the right solutions. However, one should not sit down and relax thinking it is an easy task to complete the game without any effort. On the contrary, a quest to save the world represents a great responsibility and the power is in the hands of the team members, who need to work together in synergy for the sake of moving forward fast enough to decode and unlock all of the hidden locks and doors before it is too late. The factor of adrenaline in this game is indubitably high, and so is the fun factor. 

The Bunker 3

Speaking for, manager of ‘Fox in a Box’ in Sarajevo Admir Avdic stated that the new escape room game ‘The Bunker’ had been put in function in February 2019. “Judging by the number of bookings so far, the game has indeed justified and even exceeded the expectations. There are a huge number of fans of this sort of entertainment in Sarajevo, who were really impatiently waiting for a new adventure in our offer. It appears that we have not disappointed them”, said Avdic.

‘Fox in a Box’ escape rooms in Sarajevo are located in the Sime Milutinovica 15/I Street, near the hotel ‘Evropa’. To try and save the world from a potential nuclear catastrophe, as well as to enjoy your time with friends or colleagues in a 1980s-themed setup, you can book this new escape room game online. It is also possible to take a sneak peek at the bunker room by checking out the official trailer.

The Bunker 4

The escape room is a unique chance to experience what it is like to investigate a mystery or simply carry out some other complex task that demands a high level of concentration and skills in order to achieve a defined goal. It tests out along with activating additional development of cognitive abilities, and ultimately results in an intense, fun experience. For more information about the escape room experience and available offers, feel free to read our comprehensive guide to escape rooms in Sarajevo.