Sarajevo-based daily ‘Dnevni avaz’ reported that there are rumors that famous filmmaker Quentin Tarantino could appear at the 25th Sarajevo Film Festival. Namely, Tarantino’s film and the most awaited movie achievement in 2019 ‘Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood’ will be screened on the last day of the Festival, August 23rd in the Open Air Cinema ‘Metalac’.

According to the media information, it is very difficult to verify such information when stars of Tarantino’s calibre are concerned, being that today, Tarantino is possibly the “first name” of world cinematography. Namely, such celebrities, even if they agree to attend a festival such is SFF, demand ultimate discretion all until the moment they appear on the red carpet. In favor of these rumors, media also stressed that SFF Director Mirsad Purivatra recently speaking for media in Croatia, said that Quentin Tarantino is one of the filmmakers he would like to see in Sarajevo and he hopes that this will be possible in following years. Media also mentioned that Brad Pitt, who is the lead in Tarantino’s film ‘Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood’, attended SFF eight years ago. Media also underlined that this is not the first time that Tarantino is expected to appear in Sarajevo and there were rumors in 2016 that SFF team is negotiating his appearance, and allegedly his arrival at the time would have cost at least EUR 40, 000 and it is certain that this sum would be much higher today.