Author: Ajla Omerhodzic

A specialized pancake house ‘Kod Kuce’, which opened its doors in the Envera Sehovica 32 Street in Sarajevo in late July, has become one of the new, go-to places for all pancake lovers as well as anyone interested in taking a break to drink some fresh coffee or eat delicious sweet, along with savory delicacies.

This pancake house does not have a classic eat-and-go concept, but rather represents a café and a pancake restaurant that continuously develops unique recipes to satisfy even the strictest food critics, providing its visitors with a place to spend quality time to relax and enjoy premium coffee products and pancakes.

The pancake offer is broad, with 12 kinds of sweet pancakes and crepes with high-quality fillings and interesting, increasingly popular ingredients such as activated charcoal known for its beneficial properties for health, and two kinds of savory pancakes. The pancakes are also special in terms of volume, and style in which they are shaped, whilst homemade creams used as fillings are among the best creams on the market.

With the tendency to present new products, the pancake house is committed to fostering creativity and thus it names all of the pancakes with unusual, witty names that are either dedicated to a famous figure or are in some way related to the ingredients. For instance, one of the pancakes is named in honor of the captain of the national football team of Bosnia and Herzegovina Edin Dzeko, another pancake is unique for containing a rather amusing crackling chocolate sauce, and one of the most popular pancakes there is named ‘Vjeverica’ (‘Squirrel’), made with dark Belgian chocolate, refreshing sauce containing sour cherries and ice-cream. In addition, the savory pancake ‘Sombrero’ can be made with a very spicy Mexican sauce, with the spiciness level adjusted according to the customers’ taste, and there is also a savory pancake named ‘Popeye’.

Kod kuce collage

Speaking for, owner of ‘Kod Kuce’ Ernest Dudic, who has a years-long experience in catering services and sales management, revealed that the idea of launching the project of a pancake house of this concept had emerged about a decade ago, and it recently saw the light of day in its full glow.

“The pancake house was designed as a warm and healthy home atmosphere, where love and positive energy prevail. It is not just a catering facility but also a story, a philosophy of life that we strive to live by. Visitors are not obliged to order a pancake, they can simply come and grab a cup of coffee. Still, they will also have the chance to try pancakes, based on recipes that are not available in any other facility of this type”, Dudic explained.

He emphasized the ambition to keep ‘Kod Kuce’ at the very top of the B&H list of best restaurants that offer pancakes. When it comes to the noticeably original names of pancakes, Dudic noted that they are coming out with something new each month, with creative names “with humorous descriptions, yet indubitably serious ingredients”. He announced that visitors can participate in a prize competition that the pancake house is organizing as of this October, with the opportunity to win a New Year’s Eve trip for two persons.

Not only that ‘Kod Kuce’ is a true oasis for anyone with a sweet tooth or love for coffee, this pancake house also has a humanitarian side to it. Namely, it is hosting a charity campaign to raise funds for children in need. The campaign has expanded in a way that ‘Kod Kuce’ has established cooperation with the Sarajevo-based charity association ‘’, within the association’s project ‘School Lunches’ that provides school lunches to pupils without one or both parents, or those from socially vulnerable families. Therefore, every Sunday, the pancake house donates a part of its daily revenues for this project.

Dudic pointed out that the pancake house started the activity of raising funds for children, as the most vulnerable category, quite spontaneously. “We made a box where we were putting and collecting money, for children and other people in need. I then came in touch with founder of ‘’ Elvir Karalic, and we jointly engaged in this campaign. Special emphasis is set on the children who cannot afford school lunches. Lack of lunches can hinder their mental development or create a sense of insecurity, since their peers - perhaps unintentionally - are sometimes very brutal in mocking them”.

‘’ has been carrying out a project ‘School Lunches’ for six years now, and this year the donations are expected to secure school lunches for 1,500 to 2,000 pupils from socially vulnerable families across Bosnia and Herzegovina. In a statement to, Spokesperson for ‘’ Maja Arslanagic specified that the project was launched after the association had noticed a large number of parents who lived in very difficult conditions and were unable to provide their children with a lunch at their schools.

Those are mainly families from rural environments or smaller places, where the school lunch costs BAM 10 on a monthly basis and BAM 90 for the entire school year. Although BAM 90 does not seem much to some, there are many parents or caregivers who are unable to afford that”, said Arslanagic. She concluded that this is why these children need to be provided with financial assistance, to make their school days brighter and happier.

Another way to contribute to this campaign is by donating BAM two by making a phone call to 17002, with each call helping to provide four school lunches, or by making a donation directly in the association’s premises, in the Dr. Fetaha Becirbegovica 8 Street in Sarajevo.

A donation can be also made onto the bank account of, using the following data:

PayPal: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Purpose: Uzine (School lunches)

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