Four-day 43rd Nivea BH Fashion Week will take place in Sarajevo on November 17-20.

A number of fashion designers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, fashion houses and guests from the region and the rest of the world will present their creations for the upcoming fall/winter 2019 season at several locations throughout the city.

The event will be opened by fashion duo ‘Mateyaneira’ at the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina, starting at 20:00 hrs on Sunday, November 17.

Although ‘Mateyaneira’ is an already established fashion brand in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this will be the first time that Mateja Dujic and Neira Sinanbasic will showcase their creations in a stand-alone fashion show and showroom in Sarajevo.

The new collection, called Petrichor - which is a term used to describe a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather - has been inspired by the individuality and the way each piece of clothing gets a new life with each new owner.

For this collection, ‘Mateyaneira’ has received the WOW Award for Best International Designers at the Ljubljana Fashion Week.