The Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF) has been granted support by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to execute a study on SFF’s cultural, economic and social impact on Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The study will be carried out in cooperation with Olsberg SPI, a London-based leading international consultancy for the creative industries. Olsberg SPI has been measuring the impact of the Sarajevo film Festival since 2015, which allows for deep longitudinal analysis in line with UNESCO guidelines for assessing festivals impacts.

This study comes at the right time. Now that the City of Sarajevo was designated the status of the UNESCO Creative City as the City of Film and the Canton of Sarajevo has announced new financial incentives for film and TV production, we hope that this study will provide an expert insight into how the creative industries policy of the City and the Canton can be reshaped to reinvigorate the whole film and TV sector in Sarajevo”, said SFF representative Jovan Marjanovic.

The study will look at areas including the festival’s impact on tourism and social development in Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina, its return on investment, and its role as a driver of artistic success and creation. It will be carried out independently via surveys with attendees and other groups, individual consultations, analysis of data and finances, among other methods.

Results of the study will be presented during the Sarajevo Film Festival 2020.