While all ski resorts in Bosnia and Herzegovina are having problems with the lack of snow, the problem is particularly apparent in the ski resort on the Kupres plateau.

Unlike in previous years, there are no long queues of cars on weekends heading towards Kupres.

However, owing to low temperatures and the system of artificial snow production, skiers are still able to enjoy the slopes on the Mount Cajusa.

Skiers from Dalmatia and Banjaluka, who often make weekend trips to Kupres, say there is not much snow, nevertheless the piste is fine.

Owner of ‘AdriaSki’ hotel from Kupres Zvonko Bagaric claims that there are no big crowds like before “when you got the impression that half of Dalmatia had moved to Kupres”.

We know that making snow is expensive, but if we do not do it, we will not work at all, and who knows if the nature will have mercy come February”, Bagaric added.