A total of 120,000 tourists visited ‘Kozara’ National Park in 2019, said General Manager of the Park Dragan Romcevic.

He added that the numbers were good, especially having in mind unfavorable weather conditions during the first half of the year.

The winter season was much shorter than the previous one, and there were less days good for skiing. Furthermore, spring was quite unfavorable as well because of heavy rainfalls in May, June and the half of July, which affects the arrival of visitors in the National Park and their stay in the nature”, Romcevic explained.

He added that fall has been beautiful so the National Park still ended the year with a good result.

According to Romcevic, the tourist season in ‘Kozara’ National Park lasts throughout the year, but more visitors arrive in summer than in winter.

Romcevic said that everything was ready for the winter season in ‘Kozara’ National Park, but they were hoping for snow in order for the Park to look even prettier.

The lights were installed along the new ski slope this year, and - according to Romcevic - there are also systems for production of artificial snow at both ski slopes.

Finally, Romcevic reminded that an adrenaline adventure park with zip-lines and hanging bridges had been built last year in ‘Kozara’ National Park, adding that the adrenaline park would be expanded in the years to come.