U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Eric Nelson joined the ‘Stop Suffocating Sarajevo’ campaign, and called for action over the worsening problem of extreme air pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In many cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, smog is a problem throughout the winter. Polluted, toxic air, like polluted water and soil, makes people sick. True measurements of the air quality are the first step in addressing the problem. That is why our Embassy installed the best-in-class air-monitoring system, and made the readings available to the public on our website, and through Twitter. We did this to increase awareness of air pollution, and to encourage citizens and leaders to take action”, said Nelson in a video message published on the U.S. Embassy’s official Facebook page.

According to Nelson, the World Health Organization estimates that Bosnia and Herzegovina has more deaths attributable to air pollution relative to any other country in Europe. “It is time for citizens to use this information to demand action to address the worsening problem. It is time for leaders and policymakers to act in the interest of the health of the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The U.S. Embassy will continue to advocate for necessary reforms, but it is up to citizens and your political leaders to make these reforms happen and enact solutions”, he said.

Together, you can make the difference”, concluded Nelson.

The U.S. Ambassador has recently attended the official beginning of ecological project ‘Make Your Country Even More Beautiful’, which is being implemented by the NGO ‘Ruke’ in cooperation with the U.S. Embassy, and called on citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to do something in 2020 for their own country.