Author: Ajla Omerhodzic

The world of baby fashion and equipment appears to be making great and rapid strides and, luckily for children and their parents, it has never been more diverse than nowadays. However, commercial mass production occasionally prioritizes quantity over quality, and - before you know it - you find yourself overwhelmed by so many options, struggling to choose the best of all of the available items for your little bundle of joy.

While there are undoubtedly high-quality commercially-produced products on the market, handmade quality items, carefully crafted and designed to fit the needs of both the parents and the baby, have been gaining momentum in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as globally, especially with the expansive market of B&H baby designers and producers of clothes and equipment. Such unique and creative local entrepreneurs have lately been successfully breaking down prejudice that specifically tailored items are pricier than the commercial ones by default, and have been offering the best of the fashion and art at quite reasonable prices, thus being more than competitive with the imported items of the same kind.

Many young designers and family businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been coming out with innovative fashion items and equipment for babies, proving that it is possible to start and manage successful initiatives as well as run a business in a country where lengthy start-up procedures are seemingly discouraging.

With a lot of patience and commitment, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina with vision and ideas have shown that it is possible to use knowledge, creativity, and modern-day tools like the online platforms and social media to gain and keep the trust of customers and stand out from the crowd with their undeniable high caliber. presents to you some of the best designers and producers of baby clothes and equipment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We’ve already covered ‘Pcelica Maja’ Kids Clothing Brand, and ‘JAGY’ Ergonomic Baby Carriers, and we continue with

‘Jan Design’ Kids’ Accessories Brand

‘Jan Design’ is a name of a kids’ accessories brand designed in a small workshop in Mostar and existing for several years already. The workshop has focused its work on handicrafts for babies and children.

The most popular baby items made by ‘Jan Design’ are baby headbands, caps and bibs. However, the workshop has been making other kinds of equipment, including bedding, crib rail covers, and baby nests. All materials used in the workshop are Oeko-Tex certified, as they ensure the human-ecological safety of textile products from all stages of production along the textile value chain and are therefore safe for children.

All ‘Jan Design’ accessories and equipment items include distinctive colorful designs, which are never the same but rather keep improving and changing over time. The reason for frequent design changes lies in the fact that the workshop is dedicated to providing its customers with special, original or limited edition products.

Jan Design collage

In a statement to, owner of ‘Jan Design’ Azra Nazdrajic described the beginnings of this innovative initiative, saying that the idea to launch the production “was born precisely three years ago, in the same year when a special little boy was born and because of whom all this started”.

Nazdrajic specified that, due to the lack of unique and quality products on the B&H market at the time, the workshop was initially opened for the purpose of making clothing items for the abovementioned boy. “However, it soon turned into an interesting brand that, to our great joy, aroused great interest among mothers, and the orders began to arrive. Our design exudes simplicity and quality that originates from fabrics we procure across the EU”, she explained.

Reflecting on the role of social media in today’s society, Nazdrajic emphasized that Facebook and Instagram had been very useful for the promotion and operation of ‘Jan Design’, because most orders are made through these media. In her opinion, the number of social media followers is still not at an enviable level, but demand for their products and customers’ positive reactions are definitely satisfactory. “We’ve been growing slowly, but surely”, she concluded.

‘Jan Design’ products can be purchased via their official Facebook and Instagram pages.