Author: Ajla Omerhodzic

The world of baby fashion and equipment appears to be making great and rapid strides and, luckily for children and their parents, it has never been more diverse than nowadays. However, commercial mass production occasionally prioritizes quantity over quality, and - before you know it - you find yourself overwhelmed by so many options, struggling to choose the best of all of the available items for your little bundle of joy.

While there are undoubtedly high-quality commercially-produced products on the market, handmade quality items, carefully crafted and designed to fit the needs of both the parents and the baby, have been gaining momentum in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as globally, especially with the expansive market of B&H baby designers and producers of clothes and equipment. Such unique and creative local entrepreneurs have lately been successfully breaking down prejudice that specifically tailored items are pricier than the commercial ones by default, and have been offering the best of the fashion and art at quite reasonable prices, thus being more than competitive with the imported items of the same kind.

Many young designers and family businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been coming out with innovative fashion items and equipment for babies, proving that it is possible to start and manage successful initiatives as well as run a business in a country where lengthy start-up procedures are seemingly discouraging.

With a lot of patience and commitment, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina with vision and ideas have shown that it is possible to use knowledge, creativity, and modern-day tools like the online platforms and social media to gain and keep the trust of customers and stand out from the crowd with their undeniable high caliber. presents to you some of the best designers and producers of baby clothes and equipment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We’ve already covered ‘Pcelica Maja’ Kids Clothing Brand, ‘JAGY’ Ergonomic Baby Carriers, and ‘Jan Design’ Kids’ Accessories Brand, and we continue with

‘Tooth Fairy’ Brand for Mothers and Babies

Another successful small family business is ‘Tooth Fairy’, Tuzla-based brand of handicrafts and accessories for mothers and babies. The business was launched in June 2018, out of desire to offer something new and different to mothers and babies, with the emphasis set on easy use and complete safety for the little ones. The ‘Tooth Fairy’ collection of products includes pacifiers, teething rings, baby rattles, stroller chains, mom-and-baby necklaces, baby necklaces and bracelets, hanging crib toys, baby gyms, and baby memory cards.

What makes ‘Tooth Fairy’ so special compared to commercial items used for the same purpose is the fact that the products are made of silicone beads, wooden beads, and cotton-coated wooden beads. It is customer-centered, and allows the customers to be involved in the design of the product. In those cases, the products are created exactly as the customers envisions it.

Jasmina Weand, owner of ‘Tooth Fairy’, spoke for about her baby daughter inspiring her to start the business. “I wanted to make a couple of necklaces and baby rattles, to entertain her during the nursing and carrying process, but also to ease the discomfort that growth of the first teeth brings. Seeking such items, I found the necklaces in Serbia and Croatia, but none of the pages from Bosnia and Herzegovina were offering them. That is when I decided to start a Facebook page, originally intended for mothers who enjoy carrying their babies in their arms”, Weand explained.

She confirmed that ‘Tooth Fairy’ is slowly expanding its offer as they are currently working on creating cards for moms-to-be that should be available for purchase in the next couple of months.

Tooth fairy collage

Given that small businesses cannot really import or export, Weand believes that it is a little more difficult to find their way on the market outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She singled out the online platform OREA as coming in handy in delivering these products outside the borders of this country, since it is an online platform for buying and selling handmade, original products with local labels.

Weand stressed that communication through social media is crucial for a simple and fast promotion of the ‘Tooth Fairy’ products and services. “I spend the same amount of time on communicating and improving the Facebook page as I do on creating the products”, she said.

‘Tooth Fairy’ products are available for purchase in concept stores ‘Kutcha’ in Sarajevo and ‘Dalga’ in Bihac, and they can be ordered online through OREA platform, or on the brand’s official Facebook and Instagram pages.