Author: Ajla Omerhodzic

The world of baby fashion and equipment appears to be making great and rapid strides and, luckily for children and their parents, it has never been more diverse than nowadays. However, commercial mass production occasionally prioritizes quantity over quality, and - before you know it - you find yourself overwhelmed by so many options, struggling to choose the best of all of the available items for your little bundle of joy.

While there are undoubtedly high-quality commercially-produced products on the market, handmade quality items, carefully crafted and designed to fit the needs of both the parents and the baby, have been gaining momentum in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as globally, especially with the expansive market of B&H baby designers and producers of clothes and equipment. Such unique and creative local entrepreneurs have lately been successfully breaking down prejudice that specifically tailored items are pricier than the commercial ones by default, and have been offering the best of the fashion and art at quite reasonable prices, thus being more than competitive with the imported items of the same kind.

Many young designers and family businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been coming out with innovative fashion items and equipment for babies, proving that it is possible to start and manage successful initiatives as well as run a business in a country where lengthy start-up procedures are seemingly discouraging.

With a lot of patience and commitment, citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina with vision and ideas have shown that it is possible to use knowledge, creativity, and modern-day tools like the online platforms and social media to gain and keep the trust of customers and stand out from the crowd with their undeniable high caliber. presents to you some of the best designers and producers of baby clothes and equipment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We’ve already covered ‘Pcelica Maja’ Kids Clothing Brand, ‘JAGY’ Ergonomic Baby Carriers, ‘Jan Design’ Kids’ Accessories Brand, and ‘Tooth Fairy’ Brand for Mothers and Babies, and we continue with

‘BAMBA’ Kids’ Sleepwear and Toy Brand

The B&H kids’ sleepwear and toy brand ‘BAMBA’ is a relatively young brand that has already become synonymous with something unique, cozy, soft and warm, which has been one of the brand’s guiding ideas since the very beginning. The concept of the brand is that it focuses on the child itself, and that is noticeable in the products’ playful design filled with characters and colors.

The colorful ‘BAMBA’ designs are found on its products, including stuffed toys, pillows for children’s room, didactic toys, sleeping bags for newborn babies and children under the age of 10, crib rail covers, tracksuits and many other small accessories for babies and children.

Personalized products can be ordered, too.

As of recently, the brand has included swaddling blankets for early babyhood. Those are easy-to-use wrapping blankets, based on the swaddling practice that has been known throughout history for making babies calmer and allowing them to sleep more steadily. This type of blankets can be used from birth until the baby turns three months. All products are made of Oeko-Tex certified materials - mainly cotton, and the production is currently focused exclusively on the B&H territory.

BAMBA collage

In a brief interview for, ‘BAMBA’ owner Amra Zuzic-Becirbegovic spoke about the idea of launching her business and shared useful tips for starting one’s own business. Zuzic-Becirbegovic noted that, six years ago, she set off on a path to find a comfortable cotton sleeping bag with leg openings for her baby son, who could not stand anything covering his feet, and the offer on the market did not meet her needs. At that moment, she realized that there are other parents with the same problem, which led to launching her own brand.

A year and a half passed from the emergence of the initial idea to starting and shaping my business idea. All that time I had been employed by an American company, which I decided to leave to embark on my own adventure”, Zuzic-Becirbegovic explained.

In addition, Zuzic-Becirbegovic said that starting a small-sized business in Bosnia and Herzegovina was nothing easier or more difficult than anywhere else in the world, and assessed that - even though the administration in some other countries is better in terms of faster procedures and business start-up benefits - the challenges of such an endeavor were practically the same everywhere.

In her opinion, useful tips include use of social media in the right manner, given that they can help a lot in development of the business, and many of ‘BAMBA’ clients actually found the brand through the social media. “We live in a digital era and every small entrepreneur should find a way to use that”, Zuzic-Becirbegovic noted.

The brand owner welcomed the support of the NGO ‘Fondacija 787’, referring to it as “a wonderful place where entrepreneurs can find support to develop their ideas along with the knowledge that this team wholeheartedly shares”. She recommended the NGO’s useful education on launching businesses, assessing them to be integral and comprehensive, since the lecturers are from the real sector and share their personal experiences. “‘BAMBA’ has taken a higher step in its development precisely thanks to educations we had at ‘Fondacija 787’, because the support in information and knowledge is often more important than any form of financial support”, she concluded.

‘BAMBA’ products can be found at its newly-opened pop-up store at 60 Akifa Seremeta Street in Sarajevo, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.