All lovers of bicycles and bicycle rides in Sarajevo will certainly be thrilled to know about the bicycle exhibition that took place in ‘Coffee Days’ in Sarajevo’s district of Otoka on Monday. Owners of bicycles, especially the ones that are special and different from what you can usually see on streets, those interested to buy one or just those interested to socialize with people who live a healthy, city lifestyle enjoyed the event. Attendees also had a chance to see a hand-made bike presented by a local guy from Vogosca.

Speaking for ‘Pulse’, owner of the ‘Coffee Days’ and organizer of the event Aldin Avdic explained that ‘Coffee Days’ is actually a social platform in the form of a catering facility and their intention is to contribute to the community and give support, encourage and promote young people and their activities as well as those who feel young no matter of their age. To make story more interesting, Avdic established the platform and opened the ‘Coffee Days’ just two days before the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world in March 2020. Avdic said:”We have so many talented people who have skills, talents and knowledge to show and to give because knowledge is being learned through conversation and what we miss nowadays is social interaction. I would like if someone would focus on finding people who can transfer some nice message”. According to Avdic, this was just their contribution and support to citizens who are already conscious enough about healthy lifestyle and the city environment that becomes crowded and crowded each year.

According to the organizer of the event, this was the first bicycle exhibition and for those who missed this one, they will certainly organize another one in the upcoming months so keep track of their events on social media.