In the modern era, people living in cities mostly have a hobby to relax from work, everyday duties and life in messy and crowded cities.

Aside from sport activities like riding a bicycle, some people restore old bikes and one of them is 36-year-old Miralem Kahriman from Sarajevo. Work on servicing and restoration of old bicycles came natural in his case; he drove a bike from the early age of six, he took part at many state bicycle competitions and he finished traffic high school in Sarajevo.

According to Kahriman, everything started when his friend wanted to get rid of an old bike, he took it, done a complete restoration and sold it to a new owner. Kahriman said that he invested the money earned in this way to buy a new bicycle and thus, the basement in his house has become a workshop. Asked what was his motive to begin with restoration of old bikes, Kahriman said for Pulse: ”I always wanted to make a vehicle that is different than standard ones. Aside from the project ‘Kruzer’ that I recently finished, I plan to restore other old bikes, a tricycle for my son and a motor assisted-bicycle. Anyone who is interested, can contact me via by Facebook page MK Bike”. ( ).

Fixing up and riding old bikes is a satisfying and a rewarding experience. There are many things that make older bikes better than their newer counterparts. First, most bikes beyond a certain age are made of steel which is tougher and more durable than aluminum or composites. Second, older bikes tend to be more user-serviceable as well as easier to service and finally, older bikes are simpler making them more robust. A lot of cities in the world have special charities dedicated to repairing and restoring old bikes for use by college students and low-income people and we hope that Sarajevo will become one of the cities soon.

Is it worth fixing an old bike? We would say “Yes, absolutely”. Just look at the bikes that Kahriman restored on the photos!

by Eldina Besovic