In order to move around the city of Sarajevo, trams and trolleybuses are the most accessible and regular ways of transport. These types of transport are operated by the public company ‘GRAS’ Sarajevo, while the buses are operated by either ‘GRAS’ or ‘Centrotrans’.

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Sarajevo public transport is consisted of three types of transport. Trams and trolleybuses cover the city area, while the buses cover all parts of the Sarajevo Canton.

The bus routes in Sarajevo are covered by two companies: first one is the public company GRAS, while the second one is ‘Centrotrans’. They do cover mostly the same routes, which improves the frequency and reliance of the transport, however some routes that cover the outer parts of Sarajevo differ.

For this guide, we will focus on the main city routes that cover all the corners of the city, from the old town to the newer settlements. This means the entire city from the Sarajevo City Hall to Nedzarici and Dobrinja districts.

Bus ticket prices are set at between BAM 1.80 and BAM 2.00. It depends on the company operating the route. Tickets are usually purchased directly from the driver during the entrance into the bus and they do not need to be stamped.

The main routes operated by GRAS through the city are the routes number 31 and 31e.

31e is the most frequent line, going from the Sarajevo City Hall to Dobrinja. The waiting time between the buses is around 20 minutes, depending on the traffic. It begins operating at 0630 hrs and ends around 2300 hrs.

Number 31 leads from Nedzarici to Dobrinja, and it covers the area of the newer settlements of Sarajevo. It follows the same route the trolleybus does, however it serves as the main connection of the Dobrinja district with the rest of the city, ending closer to the tram line that leads from Ilidza to the center of Sarajevo. The line 31 operates from 0600 hrs until 2220 hrs.

‘Centrotrans’ buses also operate on a vital route leading through the entire city, from the Sarajevo City Hall to Dobrinja, and while the route is the same as the one operated by GRAS, ‘Centrotrans’ buses operate much longer into the night, up until 0100 hrs.

‘Centrotrans’ is offering night lines as well, operating every full hour between 0200 and 0500 hrs in the morning. The regular lines start operating at 0620 hrs in the morning.