Due to landslides, traffic is redirected to the left lane on the Sarajevo West-Lepenica section of A1 Highway, in and immediately after the Igman tunnel.

Due to reconstruction works, traffic is restricted to one lane on the Sarajevo West-Sarajevo North section of A1 Highway, at the Bojnik viaduct.

Due to construction works, traffic flow is slower at the Catrnja toll collection point on the Bosanska Gradiska-Banja Luka Highway.

Border crossings

Delays at border crossings are not longer than 30 minutes.

Due to ongoing roadworks in Croatia, Bosanski Novi-Dvor border crossing is closed for traffic until further notice. Drivers are advised to use the Bosanska Kostajnica border crossing instead.

Due to ongoing roadworks in Croatia, Ivanica-Gornji Brgat border crossing will be completely closed until Wednesday, April 17, except for pedestrian traffic.

Brcko-Gunja border crossing is closed for trucks and buses. 


Due to reconstruction works, traffic is slowed down or temporarily suspended in Hakije Kulenovica, Jukiceva, Komatin, Ploca, Misevici, Avdage Sahinagica, Ispod Budakovica, and Ljubljanska streets. Drivers are asked to adjust the driving speed and obey traffic signs.

Weather BiH

Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Cloudy, -1 °C
Current Conditions
Sunrise: 7:06 am   |   Sunset: 4:09 pm
93%     5.0 km/h     924.000 bar
Fri Low: -5 °C High: 2 °C
Sat Low: 1 °C High: 7 °C
Sun Low: 1 °C High: 8 °C
Mon Low: 1 °C High: 10 °C
Tue Low: 1 °C High: 5 °C
Wed Low: -3 °C High: 1 °C
Thu Low: -4 °C High: 3 °C
Fri Low: -1 °C High: 4 °C
Sat Low: 1 °C High: 5 °C
Sun Low: 0 °C High: 6 °C