In order to move around the city of Sarajevo, trams and trolleybuses are the most accessible and regular ways of transport. These types of transport are operated by the public company ‘GRAS’ Sarajevo, while the buses are operated by either ‘GRAS’ or ‘Centrotrans’.

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The trolleybus transport is also an essential part of Sarajevo public transport, covering and connecting the newer parts of Sarajevo, especially Dobrinja district, with the center of the city.

Much like trams, trolleybuses also have one main route, however when it arrives in the center it splits into two directions so it is important to note which the final station is.

The sale of tickets for trolleybuses does not differ from the sale of tram tickets. Tickets bought at newsstands cost BAM 1.60, while the ones bought from the trolleybus driver cost BAM 1.80.

The tickets can be stamped on the metal stampers that are located on the handles closest to the trolleybus’ doors. Every ticket that is stamped is valid in the vehicle in which it was stamped.

Trolleybus lines start in Dobrinja district and they end at either the Austrian Square (‘Trg Austrije’), leading into the city center and following the Miljacka River, or they turn left at Skenderija and go up to the Jezero Maternity Hospital, but essentially reaching the Kosevo Stadium. Another important trolleybus station is Otoka, located mid-way on the route.

The lines 101, 102 and 108 start in Otoka. 101 goes from Otoka to the Austrian Square, while 102 starts in Otoka and goes to the Jezero Hospital. The line 108 starts in Otoka and goes to Dobrinja.

The two longer routes, covering the entirety of Dobrinja and leading straight into the city center are lines 103 and 107. Line 103 starts in Dobrinja and ends at Austrian Square, while the line 107 also starts in Dobrinja and ends at the Jezero station.

The lines starting in Otoka mostly operate during the rush hours, when the majority of workers and students travel. The lines covering the entire route operate regularly during the entire day.

It is important to note that the trolleybus lines can have a longer delay between the individual trolleybuses due to traffic congestions and other factors, while the trams operate on a more regular basis meaning that delays last no more than several minutes.

Trolleybuses operate from 0545 hrs in the morning until 2300 hrs.