In order to move around the city of Sarajevo, trams and trolleybuses are the most accessible and regular ways of transport. These types of transport are operated by the public company ‘GRAS’ Sarajevo, while the buses are operated by either ‘GRAS’ or ‘Centrotrans’.

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Trams are the single most used type of public transport in Sarajevo. The tram route is very simple: it passes through the entire city, from Ilidza to Bascarsija and back, through several of the city’s main streets: Dzemala Bijedica, Bulevar Mese Selimovica, Zmaja od Bosne, Marsala Tita, Obala Kulina Bana, and Mula Mustafe Baseskije streets. There is only one other destination and that is the Sarajevo Railway Station.

Trams in Sarajevo have six different lines, but the only difference is in the starting and ending points, while they all pass the same tram railway and, if you plan correctly, most of them can get you to some of the more prominent destinations located in the city.

Sarajevo trams network map

Tickets for the trams are easy to purchase. Every newsstand located close to the tram railway sells tickets and they cost BAM 1.60. You can also buy a ticket from the driver and then they will cost BAM 1.80. It is possible to buy tickets for two, five and 10 rides as well.

The tickets need to be stamped at the green electronic device that is located in the tram near the first and the last door of the vehicle. It is important to note that, once it is stamped, a ticked is valid for one hour in the tram in which it was stamped.

The tram stations in Ilidza and Stup districts require you to stamp the ticket at the entrance in order to enter the station. The ticket does not need to be stamped again afterwards.

The essential tram route in Sarajevo is the line number 3. This is the one that covers the entire route from Ilidza to Bascarsija. This route operates as the most frequent one as well, and the ride takes between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on the part of the day.

The lines number 1 and 4 lead directly to the Sarajevo Railway station. The number 1 goes from Bascarsija to the Railway Station, while trams number 4 travel from Ilidza to the Railway Station.

Number 6 is also a frequent route which takes you to the center of Sarajevo: it goes from Ilidza to Skenderija.

The two least frequent routes operate mostly during the morning and afternoon rush hours, catering to the many students and workers who study and work in the center of the city. Number 2 goes from Bascarsija to Cengic Vila, covering essentially the older parts of Sarajevo. Number 5 operates from Bascarsija to Nedzarici, ending a couple of stations before Ilidza.

Trams operate from 0510 hrs in the morning until around midnight.