This is the busiest airport in the country based on passenger traffic, so at first it might seem like a challenge to find reliable transportation quickly. Luckily, there are multiple options that provide direct transportation on the scene, which makes it possible to have a stress-free experience of transfer, and all that is left to do is to select the option that best suits one’s specific needs and preferences.

The bus transportation company ‘Centrotrans’ is operating a regular bus line on the route between airport and Bascarsija (old town), which is organized in cooperation with the International Airport Sarajevo.

The bus line is adjusted to the flight timetable and it changes twice a year, which means that different timetables are used in wintertime and summertime. The bus line route passes through the entire city; passengers can board at the bus stop at the airport itself, and it is possible to hop on and hop off the bus at any public transportation bus stations along the route.

One-way ticket costs BAM five, while a round-trip ticket price is BAM eight. Transportation of one piece of luggage weighing up to 23 kilograms per person is free of charge, while extra luggage is charged BAM five per piece. 

In a statement to, Spokesperson for ‘Centrotrans’ Aida Prolaz explained that this company had introduced a regular bus line on the route from the airport to Bentbasa in 2016, at the request of a large number of both citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and foreign tourists.

Special vehicles have been put in operation, to serve this purpose especially in terms of luggage space. These buses are branded in a way that makes it easier for tourists to recognize the purpose of the vehicle, without further inquiries, Prolaz said, adding that the next summer timetable would depend on the flight schedule provided at the beginning of the summer season.

The current winter timetable includes the following bus departures:

Airport-Bascarsija: 0625, 0710, 0915, 1145, 1345, 1540, 1615, 2000, and 2230 hours.

Bascarsija-airport: 0650, 0845, 0955, 1215, 1415, 1710, 1810, and 2050 hours.

Centrotrans winter timetable

In case you miss the bus or prefer travelling by taxi, there is a taxi stand of the Sarajevo Taxi at the airport, next to Terminal B. The taxi service includes uniform prices formed by the Taxi Drivers Association as follows: BAM 1.50 as the starting price, BAM one per kilometer, and BAM 10 per hour of waiting. Coming on call is free of charge. Price may be agreed upon but it must not exceed the taximeter amount.

Prices of some of the most frequently used routes from the airport are BAM six to Ilidza, BAM four to Dobrinja, and BAM 15 to Bascarsija.

Aside from Sarajevo Taxi, it is possible to use the service of other taxi providers, which provide their services on call and it is necessary to wait for them next to the airport. Available taxi service phone numbers are:

Sarajevo Taxi: +387 33 15 15

BOSS Taxi: +387 33 531 200

Crveni Taxi: +387 33 760 600

KALE Taxi: +387 33 570 900

PAJA Taxi: +387 33 15 22

Samir & Emir Taxi: +387 33 15 16

Zuti Taxi: +387 33 663 555

Ultimately, a car rental is a convenient, yet more luxurious transportation option. The airport area includes offices of a number of car rental companies, offering a variety of available vehicles. Possession of an international drivers’ license is mandatory in order to rent a car. The price varies depending on the selected vehicle and the duration of the rental. All available car rental companies contact number can be found at the official website of the Sarajevo International Airport.

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