As a result of the ‘Vienna Run4LifeStyle 10K Night Run’ street race, a number of traffic management changes will be implemented in Sarajevo on Friday, June 14.

Traffic will be completely suspended on Friday evening between 1900 and 2200 hrs in Marsala Tita, Musala, Obala Kulina Bana, Telali, Bentbasa (between the junction with Telali Street and the intersection with Nevjestina Street) and Mula Mustafe Baseskije streets.

The race will start in front of the BBI Mall, in the Marsala Tita Street, at 2000 hrs.

The route continues through the Musala, Obala Kulina Bana, Bentbasa, Telali and Mula Mustafe Baseskije streets, before racers enter the Marsala Tita Street once again and cross the finish line in front of the BBI Mall.

Racers will have to complete three identical laps, and the deadline for completing the route is 2130 hrs.

Sarajevo 10K night run Course

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