During the Sarajevo Film Festival, from August 16 to August 23, many shops, bars, pubs and restaurants will have extended working hours, going on well after midnight.

Bus lines for Podhrastovi, Bare, Breka I, Breka II and Kosevsko Brdo will be using the Drvenija bus station instead of the bust stop in Branilaca Grada street every day after 17:00.

Zelenih beretki and Branilaca Grada streets will be closed for all vehicle traffic every day from 17:00 to 02:00.

Weather BiH

Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina Mixed Rain and Snow, 6 °C
Current Conditions
Sunrise: 7:06 am   |   Sunset: 4:54 pm
96%     10.0 km/h     911.000 bar
Wed Low: 0 °C High: 8 °C
Thu Low: -4 °C High: 5 °C
Fri Low: -3 °C High: 7 °C
Sat Low: -1 °C High: 9 °C
Sun Low: 0 °C High: 7 °C
Mon Low: -1 °C High: 7 °C
Tue Low: 0 °C High: 9 °C
Wed Low: 0 °C High: 2 °C
Thu Low: -3 °C High: 0 °C
Fri Low: -4 °C High: 0 °C