Traffic flow and road conditions for motorways, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s border crossings and Sarajevo on Friday, November 8.


Due to landslides, traffic is redirected to the left lane on the Sarajevo West-Lepenica section of A1 Highway, in and immediately after the Igman tunnel.

Due to reconstruction and maintenance works in the area of Tresevine, traffic is redirected to the left lane on the Butile-Sarajevo West section of A1 Highway.

Due to construction works, traffic flow is slower at the Catrnja toll collection point on the Bosanska Gradiska-Banja Luka Highway.

Border crossings

Delays at border crossings are not longer than 30 minutes.

Brcko-Gunja border crossing is closed for trucks and buses.


Due to reconstruction works, traffic is slowed down or temporarily suspended in Hakije Kulenovica, Trebevicka, Gorusa, Mula Mustafe Baseskije, Patriotske Lige, Kovaci, Armije RBiH, Bare kod Stupa, Radenka Abazovica, Cobanija, Hamdije Kresevljakovica, Avdage Sahinagica, IV. Viteske Brigade, Dolina, Rustempasina, Buka, Stjepana Tomica, Magribija, and Kranjceviceva streets. Drivers are asked to adjust the driving speed and obey traffic signs.