Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to purchase return ticket for Trebevic Cable Car for BAM three - instead of BAM six - every day until the end of January.

The discount was originally supposed to be in force every Saturday and Sunday until March 1, 2020, but the public company ‘Sarajevo’ decided to extend the offer due to popular demand.

Statement issued by the City of Sarajevo and the public company ‘Sarajevo’ reads that decision to cut the ticket prices in half was made in order to help as many citizens as possible leave the city during the high concentration of air pollution.

Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be asked to provide an identification document issued in the country in order to confirm eligibility for the discount.

The Trebevic Cable Car operates between 09:00 and 17:00 hours Monday through Sunday. The last daily ride starts at 16:30 hrs.

You can find all information on the cable car, including the ticket prices, on the official website.