According to Ivantsov, expansion of NATO in the region of Balkans is a military goal which has nothing to do with establishing of democratic values, attraction of investments or extinguishing of forest fires, as some are trying to portray it.

We are currently witnessing intensified efforts to ‘push’ Bosnia and Herzegovina into this alliance. And this undoubtedly represents not only interference with internal matters of BiH, but also a violation of the Dayton principles of equality of three peoples in the process of making foreign policy decisions - as there is no consensus in BiH about this issue”, Ivantsov said.

The Russian Ambassador explained that the Declaration on Military Neutrality - adopted in the RS National Assembly - was “the best reflection of what political parties in the RS, as well as the majority of citizens, think about the membership in NATO”. “In other words, almost half of the country is against membership in this military bloc”, concluded Ivantsov.

He also underlined that the Office of the High Representative should have been closed a long time ago, adding that “citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina are capable of running this country and making decisions about their fate on their own”.

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