In an article titled ‘Here’s NATO’s next turf war with Russia’, author Misha Savic reminded that tensions in Bosnia and Herzegovina were “stretched further last week, when foreign ministers from the NATO restarted a program that had been dormant for a decade, the Membership Action Plan, also known as MAP”.

While many of Bosnia’s Muslims and Croats welcome closer ties with NATO, most Serbs, and their leader - Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ally Milorad Dodik - are staunchly opposed”, noted the author.

According to Bloomberg, “NATO is hoping to add more members in the Balkans, where it’s locked in a struggle for influence with Russia, which has denounced the western military group’s expansion into its former sphere of influence”.  

Earlier this month”, the author noted, “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov accused NATO and the European Union of ‘accelerating their efforts in further conquering the region’ and giving countries the ‘false choice’ that they must join either Russia or the West”.

Meanwhile, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance would like to see consent in more measures needed for possible membership. “It is now up to Bosnia and Herzegovina to decide to take up this offer. We have given them an opportunity”, Bloomberg quoted Stoltenberg as saying.

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