Foreign affairs ministers of the EU Member Countries discussed, among other things, the issue of the name of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, relations between Serbia and Kosovo, and the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

Following the session, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini emphasized the need to “encourage political leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina to assume their responsibility to rapidly form governments”, in order to proceed with the implementation of the Reform Agenda.

Mogherini FAC December 2018

I have seen the unexpected positive steps that Bosnia and Herzegovina has managed to put in place since 2014 to this year; seen in perspective quite remarkable. After the elections, it is normal that there is a bit of difficulties. The country has a specific set-up - to use an euphemism - but I am confident that leaders in the country, as well as the people in the country, can move forward on the Reform Agenda in an united manner. This is what we wish to see”, said Mogherini.

We also believe that the election issue in Bosnia and Herzegovina will need to be addressed as soon as possible, finding the right balance - and I understand that this is a diplomatic exercise - between the need to reconcile the country’s unique set-up and the European Union standards. I believe and I hope that after the governments are formed and the Reform Agenda is put again back on track this issue can be addressed in a cooperative manner”, she concluded.

During the session, Mogherini called on the Government of Kosovo to revoke decision on introduction of 100-percent tariffs on goods imported from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as it “definitely goes contrary to the spirit and the letter of cooperation in the region”.

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