Christian Schwarz-Schilling, Paddy Ashdown and Carl Bildt wrote that as former high representatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, they were deeply concerned with the fact that Croatia is constantly interfering with political issues in the country.

As an example, the three former HRs mentioned recent attempt to deny the legitimacy of election of Zeljko Komsic as the Croat member of the Presidency of BiH.

Constitutional Court’s decision from 2016 about the Election Law in BiH (in ‘Ljubic’ case) refers to the FBiH House of Peoples, not to election of the Presidency of BiH. Incorrect narrative on ‘Ljubic case’ is being used as an argument against legitimately elected Croat member of the Presidency of BiH, Zeljko Komsic. Representatives of Croatian HDZ, together with HDZ BiH leader Dragan Covic, claim that the election of Komsic was illegitimate and unconstitutional. However, neither the Constitution nor the Election Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina say that members of the Presidency have to be elected by members of ‘their own (ethnic) group’”, the letter reads.

Furthermore, according to Schwarz-Schilling, Ashdown and Bildt, it is of the utmost importance that the Foreign Affairs Council of the EU - scheduled to meet later this month - sends a clear message that any electoral reform has to be aimed at making Bosnia and Herzegovina more coherent and functional, that formation of authorities in the country is the number one priority, that borders are inviolable and that Croatia should not interfere with internal matters of BiH.

We also call on the European Commission to publish its Opinion about BiH’s membership request as soon as possible. The Opinion of the European Commission should underline the importance of the rights of all citizens as individuals, stimulating politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina to work on improving those rights in order to improve the process of accession to the EU”, concludes the letter signed by former high representatives Schwarz-Schilling, Ashdown and Bildt.  

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