‘Rally Jahorina’ was organized by the Sarajevo-based ‘Auto 4x4 Club’, and it is currently the only high-level vehicle rally event in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It brought together rally crews from across the region to compete on urban asphalt roads in the city and on the nearby mountains, in a specifically designed test of speed while maintaining the required high level of road safety.

Rally Jahorina 2018 4

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Prior to the beginning of the competition, all participating vehicles were exhibited in front of the BBI Center in Sarajevo, thereby attracting the attention of numerous vehicle enthusiasts and citizens who were simply passing by and were astounded by the well-maintained participating vehicles in their top-notch shape.

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According to the rules and regulations of the event, any kind of practice on the rally route was forbidden, which was a factor that contributed to the suspense during six speed test levels and in terms of the outcome - posing an additional challenge to the contestants.

The rally was held on a 60-kilometers-long route along the roads of Stari Grad, Mount Trebevic and Mount Jahorina, including a nighttime speed test in the area of Vraca settlement. Even though roads on the route were temporarily closed for regular traffic until the rally was complete, the crews were obliged to strictly observe the traffic laws of Bosnia and Herzegovina throughout the entire competition.

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In a statement for Pulse.ba, representative of ‘Auto 4x4 Club’ Miro Gerh, who himself is a successful rally driver and the 2017 Rally Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, explained that ‘Rally Jahorina’ was a part of global campaign ‘Action for Road Safety’, which is implemented by the International Automobile Federation (FIA).

This is the only competition in Bosnia and Herzegovina when it comes to this discipline, and it is also the biggest automobile competition in our country”, said Gerh.

Winners of the rally were Nikola Jovic and Branislav Jovic, the XM Racing Team from Serbia, who achieved the best overall speed result with their Peugeot 206 RC.

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‘Rally Jahorina’ is an event that is significant on an international scale, as the participants were awarded scores for the FIA Central European Zone Rally Championship 2018, the Rally Championship of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2018, and the Rally Championship of Serbia 2018.