The World Bank retained its forecast of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s economic growth in 2019 at 3.4 percent.

According to the World Bank’s June 2019 Global Economic Prospects report, country’s real Gross Domestic Product growth at market prices is expected to be 3.9 percent in 2020 and four percent in 2021.

Meanwhile, the global growth in 2019 has been downgraded to 2.6 percent, 0.3 percentage point below previous forecasts.

The report, sub-titled ‘Heightened Tensions, Subdued Investment’ reads - among other things - that “international trade and investment have been weaker than expected at the start of the year, and economic activity in major advanced economies, particularly the Euro Area, and some large emerging market and developing economies has been softer than previously anticipated”.

Growth in the emerging and developing world is expected to pick up next year as the turbulence and uncertainty that afflicted a number of countries late last year and this year recedes”, the report concludes.