Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic Miroslav Lajcak criticized the European Union for paying less attention to Western Balkan countries.

In an interview for Austrian state television ORF, Lajcak talked about the EU enlargement process and briefly touched upon the European path of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Former High Representative in BiH underlined that the EU had to decide whether it wanted to guide Bosnia and Herzegovina from the outside - which Lajcak believed to be wrong - or help the country get back on its feet. The latter, according to Lajcak, includes transformation of the international community’s presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  

Slovak Minister of Foreign Affairs underlined that the EU should have paid much more attention to the Western Balkans.

We are being a bit egoistic. We are thinking about us, not about real people in the Balkans who have their own hopes. If we are to work on our agenda only, then the countries in the region will start focusing on something else, and it will soon become our problem. We are asking for European reforms, yet we are not offering European prospect”, said Lajcak.

“We are weakening the governments in the region by not giving them support and credible perspective. We are weakening them, and strengthening anti-European forces, concluded Slovakian Minister.

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