Outgoing German Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Christiane Hohmann told Sarajevo-based daily newspaper Oslobodjenje that Germany fully supported Bosnia’s aspiration to become an EU Member State.

Unfortunately, the pace of the reform implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is slowing down. We are witnessing deadlock at many levels. It is very sad, because there is a lot of work left to be done”, said Hohmann.

The Ambassador expressed regret that Bosnia and Herzegovina was not going to be represented in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, underlining that the elected officials were the ones to blame for the deadlock in the country.

Hohmann underlined that it was high time for politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina to start acting in accordance with their statements and promises.

Commenting on the issue of adoption of the Annual National Program (ANP), German Ambassador said that as a NATO Member State, Germany had been actively promoting Bosnia and Herzegovina as a future member of the Alliance.

The content of the ANP has been written here in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it encompasses important reforms that are of use for the entire country, not only for defense sector. In our opinion, all citizens are going to profit from it, she said.