In an interview for Mostar-based daily newspaper Dnevni list, UK Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Matthew Field said that he was impressed with the quality of people he had met, “their skills, humor and determination to do great things”, as well as with beauty and diversity of the country.

But I am also frustrated, because the country is still being held back by failures of its leaders, corruption and missed opportunities, which leads to many people going abroad looking for a better life”, said Field.

“Result of these two feelings is the determination to help as much as we can”, he added.

Field said that no one could blame people for being frustrated because of the lack of opportunities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Many people are successful here - in IT sector, tourism, creative industries - but the fact is those opportunities are not available to everyone. Citizens are noticing the impact of political parties, nepotism and corruption on all aspects of everyday life, including education, healthcare and public administration. Complete change of direction is what I believe would help stop the exodus of talented and qualified people”, said Field.

One should listen to people, learn what they need. And then work hard to make them have it”, concluded UK Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina.