With the goal to present the opportunities available through European Union programs, the EU Info Centre organized four Info Days ‘From an Idea to Reality’ in Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla and Sarajevo in cooperation with Creative Europe Desk Bosnia and Herzegovina and the country’s ministries of justice and civil affairs.

Information published on the official web-site of the EU Delegation (EUD) to Bosnia and Herzegovina reads that each year, more applications are being submitted by local organizations and institutions for the available EU programs, providing the country “with the opportunity to improve cooperation and strengthen the sectors of culture, education, research and innovations, entrepreneurship and many others”.

Nicolas Bizel, Head of Operations Section for Justice, Home Affairs and Public Administration Reform with the EUD, explained that EU programs encompassed many areas and sectors, including education, culture, research and democratic principles, all very important policies of the European Union.

They aim to build and develop capacities of organizations and provide funds and ideas for further growth of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is important that BiH, as a potential candidate country, has the opportunity to benefit from these programs, which were in the beginning only available for the EU Member States. It is a big opportunity to receive additional funds, on top of those already committed by the EU, and to promote cooperation through projects with Member States”, said Bizel.

EU programs from idea to reality 1

Through the presentation of ‘Creative Europe’, ‘Europe for Citizens’ and ‘Horizon 2020’, national contact points for those programs - Aida Kalender, Goran Kucera and Dalibor Drljaca - highlighted the importance of preparedness for the application process so that organizations and institutions from Bosnia and Herzegovina are capable to successfully compete for the funds.

The contact points noted that significant results had already been achieved, but that there were many more opportunities, especially considering the upcoming 2021-2027 funding period, during which funds for majority of programs would be increased.

By participating in EU programs, Bosnia and Herzegovina has had the opportunity to familiarize with different EU policies and priorities, work of the EU institutions and their practical implementation.

Participation in EU programs and lessons learned have proved to be very useful to candidate and potential candidate countries as part of their preparation for utilizing available EU funds”, explained the EUD.