The Council of the European Union appointed Johann Sattler as the EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sattler will also take over the role of the Head of the European Union’s Delegation in Sarajevo.

Outgoing Austrian Ambassador to Albania will replace Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, who was appointed in 2015. Sattler will take up his duties on September 1, 2019, and has been appointed initially for two years.

Council of the EU’s press release reads that Sattler’s mandate is based on the EU policy objectives in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which include continuing progress in the stabilization and association process; ensuring a stable, viable, peaceful, multi-ethnic and united country that cooperates peacefully with its neighbors; and ensuring that the country is irreversibly on track towards the EU membership, following the publication of the European Commission Opinion on country’s membership application.  

Throughout his previous experience, and currently as Austrian ambassador to Albania, Johann Sattler has had a particular focus on the Western Balkans”, reads the statement. Sattler is believed to be well-acquainted with the situation in the entire region of Western Balkans.

He also worked as the Deputy Head of the Office of Chief Secretary with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria, political advisor in the Austrian Embassy in Washington, member of the Office of the EU Special Envoy for Southeastern Europe with the Stability Pact in Brussels, and Head of the Western Balkans Office with the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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